Hands and palms

The hands, fingers, and palms are the most dexterous and moving parts of our body. We have a huge number of sensitive nerve endings in our hands, helping us to perceive the world around us. Literally, touch is one of the 5 human basic senses.

We know almost immediately about the slightest damage to the skin on our hands. A small hangnail, a crack, a scuff, a blister or a callus, a burn ... even if they are minute, can make our lives a lot more unpleasant.

The same is true for dry and rough skin on the hands.

A lack of water

Water means life, and this is doubly true for hands. Only properly hydrated skin can perform all of its functions without problems. A drinking regime is important! Without supplying the skin cells with water “from the inside”, even the best cream will not help us with dehydrated skin.

Cold air and wind

Chilly weather, frost, wind and temperature fluctuations are all hard on the skin on the hand. It is no wonder that in such weather, in addition to the face, the hands are often the only part of the skin that has to deal with these influences.

Air conditioning

It is essentially everywhere, and it dries the air – that is the principle it is based on. Air conditioning cools rooms while removing the humidity from the air. Long-term exposure to an air-conditioned environment (car, office, shops, restaurants, home) can have a drying effect on our skin (and not just our hands).

Excessive sunbathing

Frequent and repeated exposure of the skin to direct sunlight and UV radiation results in the formation of free radicals. These are responsible for aging processes and increased skin irritation.

Improper washing

Continuous washing of the hands using soaps, frequent soaking, as well as using water that is too cold or too hot, results in washing off the protective skin film and subsequent drying of the skin.

Housework and chemicals

Women and men who do manual work - whether professionally or recreationally - expose the skin of their hands to increased strain and hence to an increased risk of drying. Household cleaners can be one of the causes of dry, rough and cracked hands.


Exertion and more exertion. That would probably be what the hands of athletes would say, especially those who need hands for their performance. Protective gloves (fitness, athletics, cycling, hockey…) certainly do not protect any hand from drying; rather the opposite.

Skin or internal diseases

There are a number of skin diseases characterized by dry skin (eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis, etc.). In addition, internal diseases such as diabetes or thyroid disorders may be the cause of dry skin. The cause of dry skin may also be certain drugs and treatment methods (radiation, chemotherapy). Quite naturally, for women dry skin may accompany the climacterium period.